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Eqbal Ahmad Centre for Public Education


Aafaque Ehsen:

Eqbal Ahmad Centre
for Public Education

Knowledge translated into action is the most potent and powerful game-changer known to man. The wedding of computers and telecommunications enables the transportation of ideas, the sharing of knowledge and the promotion of learning on a scale and with a speed that is near miraculous.

The Eqbal Ahmad Centre for Public  Education honours the life and work of Dr. Eqbal Ahmad, a Pakistani academic, social scientist, writer, public intellectual and activist. The Centre's web site of the same name  is a rich mother lode of enlightening content for those who thirst for knowledge.They also keep adding to the content frequently, so the site is always worth a visit.


We believe the site is a great resource for students as well. Some their content is directed at science students, particularly students of the physical sciences and mathematics. This particular section is rich in video content, and is certain to be helpful in acquiring a solid grounding in the subjects. Apart from such video lectures, there is also a great wealth of video material for those who wish to enhance their knowledge of scientific subjects in general.

Much of the video content featured on our various Forums comes from the Eqbal Ahmad Centre for Public Education.



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