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How we do what we do . . .
« on: June 24, 2017, 12:41:07 PM »

How we do what we do . . .

IdeaMines is a collaborative collective. The team presently consists of eighty odd volunteers including the Senior Principals. Some of us, if you know them, can be found online at any time of day or night.

We scour the worldwide web for material relevant to our present fifteen sites. Our sites are broadly categorized, each dedicated to a particular branch of knowledge. Five among our sites honour five unique Pakistanis who devoted their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and spreading of enlightenment. Our sites are works in continuous progress. They will remain relatively small. If they become a resource of value to seekers of knowledge, our aims will have been fulfilled.

The idea is to make available the required material for seekers with as little hassle and effort as possible.

The material we find is downloaded by Staff. The preponderant percentage of of such material is either .pdf files or audio-visual.

We convert the .pdf files to standard .jpeg format. This we do because some of the material consists of thousands of pages. The quality and speeds of Internet connections available to the ordinary Pakistani are abysmally low. Opening files of large weights and such volumes or downloading them would be an ordeal. We create topics in our relevant sites, and upload the converted .jpegs, 15 posts to a page in the topic, 15 pages to a topic. Topics of a length greater than 225 posts are split into parts. This makes for ease in opening the files for our Members and visitors.

Our sites are free and always will be. Participation in discussions requires the discussant to be a registered Member.


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Re: How we do what we do . . .
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Darn good.