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Frequently asked questions


Harold Kamensky:

Frequently asked questions

1.Q: How may I register?
A: Just click the register link in the menu at the top and fill in the very simple form.

2.Q: Is there any cost for registration?
A: No. Registration at these Forums is FREE and will always be free.

3.Q: Can I place links to my webpage/website here?
A: You can place links to your website, provided it is not a commercial web site and or does not link to a commercial site. For example, if your site has pages about any book, music, or anything else and it is mentioned that such items can be purchased from any online shop, auction site etc., or links to such sites are provided, you will be banned without any warning and your account will be deleted.

4.Q: Can I upload documents, pictures, music and movies etc.?
A: Registered members can upload documents, pictures, movies etc. subject to the limits on size and other restrictions detailed in the TERMS OF SERVICE,AND GUIDELINES FOR USE available on every board.

5.Q: Is any warning given to members who infringe TERMS OF SERVICE, FORUMS POLICY AND GUIDELINES?
A: No warning is given to those who place links to commercial sites, post hate material or links to sites featuring hate material. There is a system and levels of warnings in case of other infringements.

6.Q: Is there some requirement to keep one’s account active?
A: Yes; there is. New joiners must make a minimum of three (3) posts within seventy two (72) hours of joining. All members will be required to login at least once every ninety days and make at least one substantive post. Posts such as “true”, “I agree”, “LOL”, “Hello”, “Hi” and other such inanities are NOT considered substantive. Accounts in which there has been no activity are deemed inactive and may be deleted at the sole discretion of Staff.

7.Q: Can a member whose account has been deleted rejoin?
A: Yes, provided such Member has not been deleted and or banned due to infringement of certain rules, for example posting links to commercial sites, post hate material, or links to sites promoting a culture of hate of any description whatsoever. Such behaviour attracts a permanent ban, forthwith and without any warning.


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