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« on: February 25, 2017, 08:44:00 PM »


We acquire most of the material posted at these Forums (with the exclusion of posts by Members) from the Public Domain.

The Forums present such material AS IS, without any warranty of accuracy, usefulness, or merchantability.

We exercise all care to acknowledge sources whenever the sources are available. Much of the material also comes our way via emails from Members and friends, and in many such cases, sources are not available. Some of the material also originates in the personal collections of the Senior Principals of the IdeaMines collective. Such collections were for personal use and created much before the initiation of these Forums, and in many cases with such material too, sources are not available.
If you possess the Copyrights to any material featured on these forums, and would wish to grant the Forums a Licence, kindly email to

If you wish the Forums remove any such material to which you possess Copyrights, kindly email to