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We are IdeaMines, a Pakistan-based “for-the-public-good” collective with the sole aim of sharing knowledge with as many people as we can.
We believe that the wedding of cybernetics and telecommunication is the single most important technological breakthrough of the 20th century.
We believe that the penetration and the impact of the Computer, the Smartphone, and the Internet on peoples’ lives will keep on increasing.
Anyone who seriously wants to acquire knowledge knows that even prescribed texts and supplementary materials are not easily available in Pakistan, are usually pirated and produced in a shabby manner, priced astronomically.
The lack of public libraries in South Asia, and even South-East Asia generally, and in Pakistan particularly, is of a frightening magnitude. Libraries in educational institutions, where present, are not accessible to those outside mainstream education. Content (and lack thereof), is also a huge concern.
Students, aspiring professionals, researchers, and research scholars are alike asphyxiated by lack of access to knowledge.
The Internet opens up as resuscitating an opportunity of access to knowledge as the suffocation of lack of access.
We at IdeaMines are attempting to build a platform where seekers of ability- and skills-enhancing knowledge can find what they seek with the least possible effort.
We are setting up a colourful bouquet of subject specific online reading rooms AND a download portal wherein those starved of intellectual nourishment may find the wherewithal they need.
Our focus is mainly on subjects considered scientific and technical. Our online reading rooms are small, and will always remain works-in-progress. Our audience is the Internet enabled youth of our region and beyond. Membership of our sites is FREE and always will be.
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